Today was busy we had to take my mom to the dermatologist to have her skin checked.  Please pray everything is alright and everything comes back normal.  It just adds to all the stress but we are going to get through it somehow.  It seems like the summer is flying by so fast.  Anyway my daughter wanted to move out of the house a couple of weeks ago and now she decided that she would rather be home at this time.  It’s fine with me so I wrote this poem.  I hope you like it.  Have a great day!😀🌼

I miss her

The girl that has

Been with me

All of my years

And that just brings

Me to more


I know she wants to

Be on her own now and

Do things for


But I miss her

So much!

I remember when she

Was little and now it

Seems like so long ago

When things were slow!

I know she has grown-up

And I have to let her


But I really don’t know?

I’m her mother and I

Always will be

Nothing she can do

Will ever change

The love I have

For her!


Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD



The Road

Sometimes we feel like giving up but we can’t!  I wrote this poem I hope you like it.  Have a wonderful day!🌼😀😊

When the road

You travel seems

So uphill!

When you feel like you

Have no relief!

And all you have is

Grief, grief grief!

Lean on to me

And don’t give up!

Just keep moving forward

Cuz soon it will

Be changing

If you just hang on


Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD

A Friend

I wrote this poem.  I’m sure all of you have a friend and you could relate to this.  My best friend passed away a few years ago from a brain tumor.  I still miss her! But I remember all the great times we shared!  Have a wonderful day!🌼

I wish

I had a

Best Friend again.

Someone to talk to

And share with!

Someone to help when

I need it!

I miss my

Best Friend who

Was always with me

To the very end!

I miss her so much!

I wish I could

Feel her touch

Again! If only for

A little while

Cuz it would

Make me smile!


Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD

Photo credits: pixabay





Sometimes we try and things don’t work out but if we keep at it things usually work out! Have a wonderful awesome day!😀🌼

I got to keep trying

And I’m not lying!

All I can do is ask

And hope it lasts


It’s so hard to understand

All of your plan!

I know I can do it if

Given a chance !

I could surprise myself!

I could fly


If that with you I

Could succeed

Only through


I could do it!😀

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD

Photo Credits: pixabay


We will never 😀

Get another day

Like today!

So embrace every minute

Of it!

Everyday is a gift

We should cherish!

Everyday is a new beginning

To be all we can be!

To face any obstacles we can


To love and be loved like

No other!

And give love away!

To anyone who needs it

To be truly grateful

For all we have!

And do the best

We can!🌼😀

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD



Why do these things

Come about and

It makes me want to scream

And shout!

It comes out of


And I don’t understand

All of your plan!

For me!

I try and try and


I don’t know why!

Why does everything?

Go against us? Instead of

For us!

Why can’t it stop for

A while!

I want to smile and

Be happy! But

Sometimes it’s

Very hard to

Take it all


Reflections of Love/CD


We all have a story

To tell

From the time

That we are little

We try to decide

What we are going to do!

And sometimes we feel

Blue and wonder

Where you are?

Why are we going

through this?

And your right there

All along the way

Watching and guiding each and

Every step!

Waiting, waiting

For us to come to you!

And ask for forgiveness

Even when we make


You take that and create

Something better for us

More than we can

Ask or think!

You make something


Out of all

The pain and agony

And you create

Something wonderful

For us!😀🌼

Reflections of Love/CD


Love of a Mother

The love of a mother

Is like no other!

There’s nothing she wouldn’t

Do for you!

She looks after you and she’s

There when you are feeling blue!

She never stops loving you!

No matter what you do!

She holds you in her heart

Forever and she never

Let’s you go!



Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD

Good ole days

I wrote this poem.  I miss the times when my mom could do more.  It’s hard sometimes but I’m glad she’s still here and I can spend time with her.  Have a great day!🌼

I wish I could go back

To the good old days!

Days before all this

Disease hit!

When my parents were well.

I would give anything to go

Over there and have a famous Blt

Again for lunch!

Like my mom always made me or

A nice bowl of jello with

Fruit cocktail in it!

I miss those days when my

Mom knew what was going on

And I could talk to her without

Her asking me the same things

Over and over again!

I miss those days of just

Enjoying being together!

You might think it doesn’t matter

But cherish the days that you have

Because you never know how

Long it will last!

It would be great just to have those


Little things back again!

You might just say the

Good ole days!😀🌼

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD



I wrote this poem.  I hope you like it! Have a great weekend.

I feel like

I could be

A tree.

And have branches

That blow in the


I wouldn’t have

To worry!

About anything!

I would be free

To be who I was

Meant to be!

I would just stand there

So still and quiet!

The birds would come

And get on my branches!

I would just stand

So tall!

And feel the

Sun upon


Copyright: Reflections of love/CD

Photo credits: pixabay