Feeling stuck

Yesterday I went to my parents house like I do every day and I got stuck in their driveway in the snow.  It got me very frustrated to say the least.  It took a while but two neighbors came out and helped me get out.  I think that is some what  like our lives.  We keep spinning our tires just like a car and we feel like we can’t go nowhere.  At least that’s the way I feel sometimes.  It gets to be to much and we just give up.  But if we keep going there will be a way out!  I wrote this poem I hope this blog is helping someone out there.  It helps me by writing.  Have a awesome day!😊🌼

Ever feel like

Your stuck in a rut?

And you can’t get


You just keep spinning

And spinning

Around and around!

You try and try and

You don’t understand

All of his plan

That he has

In store

For you!

If you just trust in


He will

Make a way

For you

To get you


Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD🌼😀




I wrote this poem about snowflakes! It’s really cold in New York today and supposed to get even colder this weekend! Have a great day! 😊⛄️


Are falling down, down

They are glistening

In the night!

You can catch them

If you try!

They are white

And they can

Shine so bright!

They are so cold

And wet!

But if you look

Around they

Will be


Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD

Photo credits: pixabay

Happy New Year

I wrote this poem last year on January 1st so I thought I would share it.  I’m not sure where this blog is going but I’m enjoying writing these posts and reading all of your posts!  I hope this coming year is the best one yet for me and all of you! It’s called the path. 😊

Today we are all on

A path!

And we don’t know

Where to go or

What to do?

We try and try

And sometimes we

Get to our destination

And sometimes it takes us

A little longer to make it!

All along the way!

And through it all

Your right there waiting

For us

To trust in you!

Waiting for us

To give up!

And give it

To you!

Waiting for us to


That you have been


The whole time even

When we didn’t think

You were

You were there

Watching us

And waiting

For us!🌼😊

Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD😊🌼


I wrote this poem.  We are going

into the new year and we all have dreams that we want to happen.  I wrote this exactly one year ago.  I hope you like it.  You are never to old to dream big dreams! 🌼😊 Have a great day!


When you close your eyes

You rest and think about

So many things a

Great deal of what

Life brings!

You don’t understand

It all!

You wonder what is going on?

And when it is

A reality?

Does it mean anything?

Or it something you

Just make up?

Is there a purpose behind

All of this?

You try and see but it’s

So hard


You know there is a

Purpose somewhere

And someone Cares

For you!😊🌼

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD

Photo credits:  pixabay


Christmas Cheer

I wrote this poem I hope you like it!  I hope you all have a Happy Holiday! Enjoy time with your family and friends!🌼😊

We should

All spread

Christmas Cheer

At all times of

The year!

Not just one day

But all year


And let people know

That they are


To you!

That you love and care

For them

To the very end!😊

Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD

Picture credit: picabay

Blog Reflection

Today it’s snowing here in New York. I’ve been in New York all of my life and still I try to get used of the snow sometimes. I guess I should learn to enjoy it! I can’t believe Christmas is so soon I haven’t finished all of my shopping! This year it’s been really hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit! I guess I should it’s just so stressful dealing with my mom and her illness. It’s a daily struggle that really doesn’t get any easier! I just try to take one day at a time and do the best I can. I miss when my mom would bake cookies and go shopping and be excited for the Holidays. Now she has no interest in anything. It’s so sad to watch her and all you can do is grin and bare it. I’m just thankful that she still can do some things and she still recognizes who I am. It really makes you more thankful to be healthy and to have people that you love healthy! That is the greatest gift!

It really helps for me to share and write! I appreciate all of you and this blog so much! It means so much to me just to know that you read and like some of my writings! I’m looking forward to many more this coming year! I don’t know what is going to happen but I know that God does so I have to trust in him! I pray for all of you too and I enjoy all of your blogs! 😊

God Bless : Reflections of Love/CD 😊🌲❤️

Gingerbread House

I wrote this fun poem.  I really hope you like it.  I haven’t been feeling to good because of a nasty sinus infection but I’m starting to feel a little better now.  I love sharing with all of you and I enjoy reading all of your blogs too very much! Have a awesome day! 🌼😊

Gingerbread house

Sometimes I’d like to

Live in a gingerbread house

The walls would be so sweet

And the Windows would

Be good because they would

Be made of yummy


You wouldn’t have to clean it

Because there would be

No one there!

You would be tiny

And no one would

Bother you

Wouldn’t it be great

To live

There during the


Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD😊🌼


I wrote this poem. I hope you like it. Have a lovely day!😊❤️

All of our

Lives are a

Puzzle that fits

Together each thing

That we go through

Goes together!

We all have a piece that

Is missing is our heart

And that is all part

Of our story

That isn’t finished

Yet! 😊❤️

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD

Photo Credits: pixabay


Some days are very hard when you have two parents who need you.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I know I’m doing the right thing for now.  It helps me to share and write.

Have a wonderful day.

I wonder

How my mom is?

How my dad is?

It feels like I go

Around and around

I wonder

How they are?

They are both sick and

In pain!

I’m just their


What can I do?

All I can do is

Pray and hope!

They are ok and get

Well again and

Get healed and

Get back to the way

They once were!

Reflections of Love/CD 😊🌼