Help me

I wrote this poem a while ago. Sometimes you just don’t feel good and you want relief somewhere. I hope this helps someone out there who is struggling. I know we all need support sometimes. I know God knows and he cares for us. ❤️ Have a wonderful day!

Help me

Help me

I feel like I’m falling

And I can’t make it


I’m scared and I

Don’t know why?

Please I need your help

So much!

I can’t make it

Without you!

I need to relax if only

For a while so I can

Smile again!

It’s been so long but

I need to be strong

In you!

But what do I do?

But trust fully

In you

When I’m feeling

Nothing but


Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD😊❤️



How does your life Get so hard it Feels like your broken In a million pieces! You try and try but Nothing seems To work!You feel like giving up!But you know you Can’t!You got to keep goingNo matter what!You got to make it Through Somehow! 😊❤️Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD❤️

Under his wings 

Sometimes we go through things we don’t understand.  We wonder where God is and he’s there all the time watching over us! He keeps his protection on us and he loves us so.  I wrote this poem and I hope you like it! Right now writing is the only thing that gets me through! Thank you for reading and have a awesome day ! 😊❤️

Under his wings

We are all under his wings

We try to make it on 

Our own!

And we struggle tbrough

But he has us in

The palm of 

His hands! 

He cares so much 

And he watches over us

Even when we don’t 

Know it !

Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD😊❤️


We all have skeletons 

In our closets.

And sometimes they 

Can come out and 

Haunt us!

They try and take over 

Us and our minds but 

We can’t let them!

We have to be on guard

And when they come out

We have to fight within

Everything within us not 

To let them

We have to try and not make 

A mistake of letting them out

Every bone is something about us 

And they all tell a story

They all connect in some way or 


It hurts us when one is out of us!

We don’t understand but 

We have to keep going going 


Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD ❤️


With dementia you forget things and my mom’s short term memory is very bad right now.  Sometimes I worry about her not remembering me so it helps me to write.  I wrote this poem I hope you like my blog.  I enjoy writing it.  Have a nice day!🌼😊

I will remember for you

When you can’t I will

I will never let you forget

Anything that

Was important to you

I will be there for you!

No matter what!

I won’t let you go


From me

I will take care of you

And I will never ever

Let you go!

Cuz you are my mom

And I love you so


Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD🌼😊

Dear Mom

Most of you know my mom has dementia and sometimes it’s very hard to deal with.  It helps me to write about it and to share. I wrote this poem.  It’s my wish that I could help someone out there who is facing this terrible disease with a friend or family member.  Know that your not alone and someone cares. Have a great day!

Oh mom

I wish I could go

Back when you were

Free from all of this


It’s not fair that

Your missing out on all these


I will remember for you I will

Help you I will be there for you

No matter what!

When I was little you were there and

All through my life and you have

Made me into the person I

Am today because of you!

Now I will be there for you

Even when it’s so blue!

You have given so much

I just want to feel your

Touch again!

I am proud to call you

My mom and I hope

Someday you will know

And never forget me!

Please mom don’t

Forget me?

Forget me!😊❤️

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD❤️


I wrote this poem! You ever do something and nothing seems to work so you keep on trying! I wrote this poem. Have a lovely day !😊❤️

How does your life

Get so hard it

Feels like your broken

In a million pieces!

You try and try

But nothing seems to


You feel like giving up!

But you know you


You got to keep going

No matter what?

You got to make it


Somehow! 😊❤️

Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD

New Day 

I wrote this poem. I hope you like it.  Have a wonderful day. 😊

Everyday is a brand new

Way to take

What is around you

And make it

Something good.

In the birds that

Sing their song.

In the blue skies

And the flowers

That bloom.

Or the rain drops

That you hear tapping

On the window.  And the


With all its many


It’s a way we know that

God is with us and

We know he cares

So much

For us!😊🌈

Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD❤️

My journey 

I have been taking care of my mom because she has dementia.  Now my dad has foot drop so he can’t get around as good as he once did.  So between the two of them I am busy.  My brother lives in New Jersey and he can’t do to much.  I find it a great privilege to take care of my parents it’s not a burden at all to me.  Some days it’s not easy but I make it through and it gives me joy to spend time with them!  I wrote this poem!

My journey

That I am on isn’t easy!

You might say and all

I can do is

Pray, pray, pray!

But I really wouldn’t have

It any other way!

Sometimes you want to

Give up!

But then you find

Some hope

A tiny glimmer like looking

Through the trees!

And it makes you

Want to get on your knees!

And you just ask what you

Can do?

To make things better

For someone else

To help them

All along their way! 😊❤️

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD❤️


Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.  We went to breakfast and went for a drive with my youngest daughter.  It was a lot of fun and it was nice getting away for a while.  I’m so thankful I have a great husband who really cares about me.

My parents are doing ok but my brother Dan has been here with them for the past couple of weeks but he is going home tomorrow.  So that’s going to mean I’ll have to be there more for both of them.  My mom is forgetting more and more and it’s very hard to deal with.  My dad has another problem with his foot now in which he can’t put it down and has to use a cane or walker.  I would appreciate all of your prayers! 

Thank you for reading my blog and I really enjoy reading all of yours! 

Have a lovely day and enjoy your families!😊🌈